Financial Director

The Financial Director of the Noble County Community Foundation, Indiana, is a salaried, full-time exempt position, that requires an average of 37.5 hours of work each week.  The Financial Director is responsible for the Foundation’s financial, payroll, and bookkeeping services, including preparation of financial analyses, generating income and expense reports, budgets, and final grant reports.  The Financial Director is responsible for the reconciliation of checking accounts and investments at month’s end, as well as payroll and accounts payable.  The Financial Director works collaboratively with auditors, staff, and Board members.

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Make necessary transfers between the Foundation’s funds, to meet operating needs and expenses

  • Post items into the General Ledger

  • Reconcile checking accounts at month’s end, and complete other month-end procedures

  • Set up fund information in Community Suite

  • Prepare fund reports to fund representatives, as well as special monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports

  • Work collaboratively with our auditors to prepare annual audit, tax return, and 1099’s

  • Prepare monthly operating financial statements, rate of return, and quarterly combined statements

  • Perform monthly tasks to close the books, i.e. posting of prepaids, interest, and investment and bank statements, etc.

  • Calculate and post spendable amounts to funds annually

  • Prepare grant reports for the Board and any other financial reports as requested

  • Provide updates on unrestricted funds available for Executive Director during September for the following year

  • Maintain listing of the Foundation’s fixed assets

  • Balance pledge entries

  • Assist Executive Director in annual budget preparation

  • Work with fund representatives to answer financial questions


  • Process payroll, payroll tax deposits, and tax forms bi-weekly

  • Prepare quarterly 941 and UC1 reports

  • Prepare W-2s and the W-3 annually

  • Facilitate necessary employee paperwork related to payroll and maintain a locked file containing the appropriate information

  • Coordinate the operation of the Foundation’s Simple IRA Plan

  • Evaluate/review personnel policies and procedures

  • Maintain necessary personnel records

  • Track all leave requests and maintain adequate records of such

  • Complete wage reports


  • Manage payments to vendors and grantees

  • Enter A/P, post grant requests, gifts and pledges.  Make necessary transfers for payables and payroll

  • Complete deposits and maintain records

  • Collect and monitor W-9s for vendors as required

  • Audit petty cash as needed or at minimum, monthly

  • Maintain certificates of insurance files for independent contractors

  • Work with insurance company on workman’s compensation audits, claims and issues


  • Maintain cleanliness of office and common spaces throughout CFNC

  • Become familiar with all CFNC policies and guidelines

  • Perform other duties and responsibilities assigned as necessary or requested by the Executive Director

  • Oversee routine document destruction, annual record retention and file maintenance

EXPERIENCE:  Five years of accounting or financial management experience required.

EDUCATION:  Bachelor’s degree in accounting, financial management or related field required.

*Accepting applications through Thursday, September 13th.  Interested candidates can send resumes to or apply online through