Welding Specialist

Welding Specialist needed in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Pay is $30/hour+ depending on qualifications.


Work with a team of welding technicians to support the welding activities of the plant.  The team will support all activities to assure that the plant meets its welding goals as well as customer expectations.  Responsibilities will include training, setting up auto machines, programming robot weld paths, trouble shooting, repair, perform preventative maintenance of weld equipment, and auditing of welders and welding equipment.  The weld techs will work with the plant welding engineer, supervisors, and gap leaders to maintain the weld standardization program on all lines.

Principal Accountabilities and Job Skills:

  • Set and Validate parameters on Semiautomatic, Automatic, and Robot Welding equipment for GMAW, GTAW, and RSW.
  • Program, maintain, and enhance welding paths on Motoman DX100, NX100, and XRC controllers as well as other robot manufactures.
  • Support machine runoff and machine acceptance
  • Train Manual Welders by conducting training classes as needed
  • Trouble shoot production welding equipment
  • Maintain Documents for Weld Standardization and Parameter Documentation on WPS Forms
  • Perform PM and repairs on welding equipment
  • Maintain Calibration and perform PMs of Welding Robots
  • Implement welding related cost saving within the plant
  • Upgrade and maintain welding equipment
  • Support activities to ensure plant welding meets all customer welding standards and requirements
  • Support activities to reduce welding scrap in the plant
  • Set and Document welding parameters and program robot welding paths on new product launches
  • Participate in Welding Network Training and Activities


  • Thorough familiarity with the GMAW, GTAW, and RSW processes
  • Resolves problems/conflicts, and mentors/coaches as needed
  • Demonstrates analytical and problem solving ability
  • Willingness to learn and work in a team environment
  • High energy and self-motivated with the ability to work in a fast-paced, high volume manufacturing environment
  • Demonstrates integrity

Education/ Certification:

  • Must pass the Weld Training program


At least 3 year’s experience manually welding exhaust systems.

Candidates can email to 2517@kellyservices.com or call 260-927-9034.