Independent Contractor

bloom! Synergist

Job description summary

bloom! is seeking an independent contractor who champions children’s learning needs based on the principles of child development.  Our goal is to identify a person that is motivated to inspire teachers and administrators to do the same.  The independent contractor is a person engaged to do work that reaches specific results, is self-motivated, and has the ability to work flexible hours.  If you have exceptional verbal and written communication skills, working knowledge in adult learning, and human development we encourage you to apply.

Company overview

bloom! is an initiative to offer resources and mentorship to early education environments in a six county area located in Northeast Indiana.  bloom! is growing to support the demand for our services.

bloom! advocates for the study of children in schools and empowers those who work with children by encouraging them to be critical thinkers.  We support teachers to provide children learning experience that honor and meet their intellectual and developmental needs.

bloom! shift paradigms about children and education.  We are effective in supporting the creation of principle based classrooms through a method of PD that incorporates observation, reflection and continued study in all places where children are served.

Qualifications and Qualities

  • Masters Degree in Social Science
  • Working Knowledge of Human Development
  • Interest in Education
  • Interest in Research
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Established knowledge of creating and managing budgets
  • Must clear background check


  • Design experiential learning for adults
  • Generate conversation with adults
  • Support and respect the thinking of adult learners by;
    • honoring their autonomy
    • providing various context for knowledge acquisition and manifestation
    • Using adult interest
    • Organize information and unusual connections
  • Travel in a six county area of Indiana
  • Available during the day and evenings
  • Use of up-to-date research in
    • Cognitive development and learning
    • Child development
    • Adult learning
  • Ability to track your performance and record keeping for the organization
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Driven, self motivated disposition
  • Ability to work in different environments and adjust based on need
  • Ability to be mobile in the community with a valid drivers license
  • Flexible working hours as necessary to complete tasks

The ideal candidate possess the following characteristics:

Introspective                                                               Calm

Assertive                                                                       Unemotional

Results oriented                                                          Agreeable

Slow to anger                                                               Observant

Doesn’t bend to peer pressure                                  Diplomatic

Independent                                                                 Rational

Takes risks                                                                    Curious

Easy going

Compensation and Benefits

Pay Range:  $60,000- $80,000 (COE)

This position is paid for by a grant through the Dekko Foundation


Professional Development Stipend                     Professional Membership Dues

Mileage reimbursement                                         Flexibility

Ownership of your own learning


Please submit Cover Letter, Resume and References by September 15, 2022 to

Subject line: bloom! Synergist Application