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                      MISSION STATEMENT: “To enhance the quality of life for those who are willing to enrich their education.”

                            Location Directory

                                             AHLRCC   Augusta Hills Learning &
       RG8    Region 8                                Recreational Community            KCCF    Kosciusko Co. Community
              251 West 850 North, Decatur             Center, Albion                            Foundation
                                                                                                102 E. Market St., Warsaw
                                             CNHS     Central Noble High School

                                                      401 E Highland St, Albion
                                             ENHS     East Noble High School
                                                      901 Garden St., Kendallville
       FWCS   FWCS Career Academy at Anthis                                             ATC     City of Angola Training Center
              1200 Barr St, Fort Wayne       FA       Freedom Academy                           306 W. Mill St., Angola
                                                      743 E. North St., Kendallville
       PKVRD   Parkview Randallia                                                       EPC     The Enterprise Center
              2200 Vandalia Dr., Fort Wayne   CLC     Community Learning Center
                                                      401 E. Diamond St. Kendallville           907 S Wayne St., Angola

       PKVDR  Parkview Regional Dupont       IMPACT1  Impact 1
              11115 Parkview Plaza Dr.                892 E. Dowling St., Kendallville
              Fort Wayne
                                             IMPACT2  Impact 2                          LMC     Learn More Center
       HARRIS  1919 W. Cook Road, Fort Wayne          580 Fairview Blvd., Kendallville          603 Bond St #5, N Manchester
       Work-   201 E. Rudisill Blvd., Fort Wayne   IMPACT6  Impact 6
       One    Suite 102                               1607 Dowling St., Kendallville

       Trine   1818 Carew St., Fort Wayne    IMPACT7  Impact 7
                                                      620 Sawyer Rd., Kendallville

       GPL    Garrett Public Library         KPL      Kendallville Public Library
              107 W Houston St., Garrett              221 S. Park Ave., Kendallville            Wells County Chamber &
                                                                                         WEDC  Economic Development Corp.
                                             LLV      Lutheran Life Villages                    221 Water St. Ste. A, Bluffton
                                                      351 N. Allen Chapel Rd.,
                                                                                          BHS   Bluffton High School
                                                                                                1 Tiger Trail, Bluffton
                                             PVNHOS  Parkview Noble Hospital
       PKVH   Parkview Huntington
                                                      401 Sawyer Rd., Kendallville
              2001 Stults Rd., Huntington

                                             WNHS     West Noble High School
       HWO    Huntington Work One                     5094 US 33, Ligonier              LCB     Larwill Community Bldg.
              1314 Flaxmill Rd., Huntington                                                     6538 W. 100 N., Larwill
                                             HPH      Hensinger Plumbing & Heating      WCA     Whitko Career Academy
                                                      123 Williams St., Kendallville            710 N. State Road 5, Larwill

    14                            Classes may be held at locations not listed here
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