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                      MISSION STATEMENT: “To enhance the quality of life for those who are willing to enrich their education.”

                          Leadership Courses

      THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE                           THE 7 HABITS:

      PEOPLE: FOUNDATIONS &                                      CREATING CUSTOMER LOYALTY

      SIGNATURE SERIES                                           Certifying Entity: Franklin Covey

      Certifying Entity:  Franklin Covey                         Program Description:  The Creating Customer    Loyal-
                                                                 ty course is a one-day work session for frontline man-

      Program  Description:    The 7 Habits Foundations work-    agers to learn the principles and practices needed to
      shop  teaches  the  timeless  principles  of  human  effective-  win the hearts of employees and customers.  Manag-
      ness.  This workshop focuses on accountability for      re-  ers leave with a clear understanding of how to model,
      sults, what matters most, prioritizing rather than     reacting,
      collaborating  and  building  relationships,  communications,   teach, and reinforce empathy, responsibility, and gen-
      approach, and continuous improvement.                      erosity through six essential practices, as they relate to
                                                                 customer  loyalty:  1)  Making  a  human  connection,  2)
      Hours:  8      Cost: $425
                                                                 Listening  to  learn,  3)  Discovering  the  real  job  to  be
      Hours:  24     Cost: $1275                                 done, 4) Following up to strengthen the relationship,

      Class Schedule:                                            5) Sharing        information openly to help everyone
                                                                 win, and 6) Surprising with unexpected extras.
      Dates          Day(s)      Time            Location
      Spring         M           8am-5pm         ATC             Hours:  8     Cost: $450

      Summer         M, W        8am-12pm        AHLRCC          Class Schedule:

      Fall           T, TH       8am-12pm        CLC             Dates            Day(s)     Time             Location
                     M, W        5pm-9pm         WCA             Spring           M          8am-5pm          ATC

                                                                 Summer           T          8am-5pm          CLC
                                                                                  M, W       5pm-9pm          WCA

                                                                 Fall             T,TH       8am-12pm         AHLRCC

                                                                 Winter           TH         8am-5pm          ATC


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