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                        Maintenance Courses

       ELECTRICAL MOTOR CONTROLS                                HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS

        - Module Two                                             - Module Three

       Program Description: This course covers the              Program Description: This course covers trou-
       principles of motor control and the basics of            bleshooting hydraulic and pneumatic systems,

       solid state devices such as diodes, transistors,         understanding fluid power schematic symbols
       Triac, and integrated circuits. Test price includ-       for circuits, trace the flow throughout a fluid
                                                                power system using schematics, inspect, evalu-
       ed in cost.
                                                                ate and maintain fluid power systems. Test

                                                                price included in cost.
       Hours: 48                  Cost: $1229
                                                                Hours: 32                  Cost: $719

       PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC                CON-                   INDUSTRIAL MECHANICS - Module Five

       TROLLERS - Module Four

                                                                Program Description: The introduction to fun-

       Program Description: This course covers both             damental maintenance and troubleshooting

       digital and analog PLC theory. Students will al-         principles, procedures and         practices.
       so learn troubleshooting, programming,

       maintenance and installation of PLC’s.

                                                                Hours: 28                  Cost: $750

       Hours: 36                  Cost: $942

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