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                        Maintenance Courses

                            Please Note:  Modules can be taken as stand alone courses

       INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE                                   Class Time Table*:

                                                                              Basic Electricity—36 hours
       Certifying Entity: NIMS (National Institute for Met-
       alworking Skills)                                                  Electrical Motor Controls—48 hours

       Program  Description:    The  Industrial  Maintenance             Hydraulics & Pneumatics—32 Hours
       course  teaches  students  safe  and  sound  maintenance
       practices,          preventive  and  predictive  maintenance,   Programmable Logic Controls—36 Hours
       troubleshooting  and  analysis  as  well  as  corrective
       maintenance practices.  IMT’s are multi-skilled individu-           Industrial Mechanics—28 Hours
       Course  topics  include:  Electricity,  Motor  Controls,  Hy-
       draulics  and  Pneumatics,  Programmable  Logic  Control-  *Subject to change due to weather cancellations and holidays.
       lers, and         Industrial Mechanics.
       This course prepares the student to sit for the following
       NIMS Certification Exams:  Electrical Systems Specialist
                                                                BASIC ELECTRICITY  - Module One
       Hours:  188   Cost:  $4320
       Class Schedule:                                          Program Description: This course covers basic
       Dates           Day(s)     Time        Location
       Spring          M, T, W    8am-12pm  CLC                 electron-theory; D.C. Circuit analysis, Ohm’s
                       M, T, W    4pm-8pm     CLC               Law, Kirchoff’s Law, series circuits, parallel cir-
                       T, W, TH  8am-12pm  ATC
                       T, W, TH  4pm-8pm      ATC               cuits, series parallel circuits, basic magnetics,
                       T, TH      5pm-9pm     WCA               inductance, capacitance, reactance, imped-

       Fall            T, TH      4-8pm       ATC               ance, meter reading, and using test equipment.
                       M, W       4-8pm       CLC               Test price included in cost.

       Winter          M, W       8am-12pm   CLC
                       T, TH      8am-12pm  ATC
                       T, TH      5pm-9pm     WCA               Hours: 36                  Cost: $929

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