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       Healthcare Certifications & Licenses

      CERTIFIED CLINICAL                                         PATIENT ACCESS (CHAA)

      MEDICAL ASSISTANT (CCMA)                                   Certifying Entity: NAHAM (National Association of
                                                                 Healthcare Access Management)
      Certifying Entity: NHA (National Healthcareer                Program Description:  This course prepares the student for
      Association)                                               the position of a patient access associate or representative

       Program Description:  This program is designed to prepare   in  a  non-clinical  healthcare  setting.    Within  medical
      students to function as professionals in multiple healthcare   settings, a CHAA professional performs a variety of duties
      settings.  Medical assistants with a clinical background per-  such as: admissions, registration, financial counseling, pre-
      form various clinical tasks including assisting with the ad-  certification, guest relations, scheduling and telecommuni-
      ministration of medications and with minor procedures,     cations.  Topics include: customer relations, medical termi-
      performing an EKG electrocardiogram, obtaining laboratory   nology, appointment scheduling, basics of insurance billing
      specimens for testing, patient education and other related   and coding, medical ethics and law.
      tasks.  Job opportunities are prevalent with physician’s   Prepares  student  to  take  the  Certified  Healthcare  Access
      offices, clinics, chiropractic offices, hospitals and outpatient   Associate (CHAA) Exam.
      facilities. Training for CPR and First Aid certification  are
      provided in this class.                                    Hours:  90    Cost: $2,960
      Prepares students to take the National Healthcareer Associ-
      ation (NHA) Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Exam.     Class Schedule:
                                                                 Dates        Day(s)      Time        Location
       Hours:  140   Cost: $3,562                                Spring       M, W        5pm-9pm     PVNHOS
                                                                              M, W        5pm-9pm     PKVRD
       Class Schedule:                                                        M, W        5pm-9pm     HARRIS
       Dates         Day(s)        Time           Location                    M, W        5pm-9pm     PVNHOS
      Winter         M, T, W       5pm-9pm        IMPACT7                     M, W        5pm-9pm     PKVH
                     M, T, W       8am-12pm       CLC                         T, TH       5-pm9pm     LMC
                                  M,T,TH     5pm-9pm           Work One       M, W        8am-12pm    CLC
                            M,T,TH     8am-12pm   Harris                      T, TH       8am-12pm    CLC

      Spring         M, T, W       5pm-9pm        Trine          Fall         M, W        5pm-9pm     PVNHOS
                     M, T, W       8am-12pm       CLC                         M, W        5pm-9pm     PKVRD
                                                                              M, W        8am-12pm    CLC
      Fall           M, T, W       5pm-9pm        IMPACT7                     T, TH       8am-12pm    CLC
                     M, T, W       5pm-9pm        Trine                       T, TH       5pm-9pm     WCA
                     M, T, W       8am-12pm       CLC

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