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1 (800) 200-6499

                      MISSION STATEMENT: “To enhance the quality of life for those who are willing to enrich their education.”

                           Noble County Tutoring

     Freedom Academy offers tutoring to students through-          All parents/guardians are required to provide
     out Noble County. We have multiple locations, days and         transportation to and from tutoring. All fees
     times available to those interested. Please contact us
                                                                      must be paid by the 15th of each month.
     for more information or to get your child enrolled.
                                                                   Contact Freedom Academy by phone at

     Tutoring will include:                                             260-347-0887 or 800-200-6499

     (Choose time and location)
                                                                                   Or by email at
       Group Tutoring—$5 per one hour session
            (3-4 students w/similar grade level and needs)

       1-on-1 Tutoring—$10 per one hour session
                                                                  *Financial Assistance may be available upon approval.
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