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     Technical Certification Courses

      CNC MACHINIST/CNC MILL                                 WELDING CERTIFICATION

      OPERATOR CERTIFICATION                                 Certifying Entity: AWS (American Welding Society)

      Certifying Entity: NIMS (The National Institute for    Program  Description:    The 80-hour hands-on course is de-
      Metalworking Skills)                                   signed to provide students with the knowledge, understanding
                                                             and  ability  to  weld  according  to  specific  AWS  codes  for  Gas
      Program Description:  The  CNC  (Computer  Numerical   Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), and prepares students to test for
      Control)  Operator  Certification  program  is  an  intensive   an AWS certification.  In the course, students learn how to ex-
      program  designed  to  prepare  individuals  for entry  level   plain the GMAW process, demonstrate safe and proper set up
      CNC Operator jobs.  Instruction covers set up and opera-  of GMAW equipment, and how to understand the AWS GMAW
      tion  of  CNC  mill,  manual  lathe  and  vertical  milling  ma-  electrode  classifications.    Instruction  also  includes  demon-
      chines,  automated  machining,  blueprint  reading,  shop   strating the proper electrode use and selection based on metal
      mathematics,  machine  tool  theory,  inspection,  surface   types and the horizontal positions, how to perform visual in-
      plate  techniques  and  basic  operation.    Students  will  be   spections  of  GMAW  welds  and  identify  the  five  basic  weld
      involved in the machining of basic parts on manual ma-  joints, and weld the five basic joints in the four basic weld posi-
      chines  and  prep  them  for  CNC  operation.    It  is  recom-  tions.  To earn a certification the student’s plates are inspected
      mended that students have basic skills in algebra, geome-  by a certified welding inspector.   Successful  Plate  Test  is  re-
      try, right-angle trigonometry, good proficiency in compu-  quired to achieve AWS Welding Certification.
      tation  of  fractions,  decimals  and  order  of  operations.
                                                             Hours:  80     Cost: $3,895
      Students  may  attempt  up  to  three  NIMS  certifications

      during this course.                                    Class Schedule:

      Hours:  152   Cost: $3,983

      Class Schedule:                                        Dates         Day(s)       Time         Location
                                                             Winter        M, T, W    5:30pm-8:30pm FWCS
                   Day(s)      Time           Location                     M, T, W      5pm-9pm      IMPACT1
      Winter       T,W,TH      5pm-9pm        IMPACT1                      M, T, TH     4pm-8pm      HCC

      Summer       T,W,TH      5pm-9pm        IMPACT1
                   T,W,TH      4pm-8pm        HCC            Summer        M, T, W    5:30pm-8:30pm FWCS

      Winter       T,W,TH      5pm-9pm        IMPACT1
                                                             Fall          M, T, W      5pm-9pm      IMPACT1
                                                                           M, T, W    5:30pm-8:30pm FWCS

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