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                      MISSION STATEMENT: “To enhance the quality of life for those who are willing to enrich their education.”


                    Making a Difference: Influential Leadership Development Series

             Program Description:  This comprehensive approach is designed to meet you where you are and give you the skills
      to increase your overall efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you are a front-line supervisor, team leader, mid-level manager,
      or seasoned leadership veteran, you will become more aware of your  adaptive leadership style, understand the difference
      between leadership and management, increase your influence and communicate more effectively, and learn to understand
      and establish leadership boundaries. Our level-specific modules are adaptable to the individual pursuing personal growth or
      the organization looking to improve its culture. All modules are Interactive, engaging, and can be also offered at your location.
      Modules include Leadership 101, Emotional  Intelligence, DISC Assessment, Communication 101, and Boundaries for Leaders.

      Hours:  20    Cost:  $975
      Class Schedule:
      Dates           Day(s)     Time        Location           Dates         Day(s)     Time          Location
      Spring          M, W       9am-1pm     DLC                Fall          T, TH     4-8pm          MERIT
                      M,W        9am-1pm     Wab                              T, TH     4-8pm          CLC
                      T,Th       4-8pm       WCPL                             M, W       9am-1pm   AHLRCC
                      T, TH      4-8pm       ATC
      Summer          T,TH       4-8pm       Wab
                      M,W        9am-1pm     LCB
                      M, W       9am-1pm     MERIT

      First Aid/Adult CPR/AED

      Program Description: This First Aid with Adult CPR and AED course is five hours in length and results in a two-year
      certification. Certifying Entity:  Emergency Care and Safety Institute
      Hours:  5     Cost:  $135

      Class Schedule:
      Dates           Day(s)     Time        Location                  Dates         Day(s)      Time         Location
      Winter          Feb. 8     8am-1pm     ATC                       Fall          Sept. 6     8am-1pm       HTH
                      Feb. 15    12pm-5pm    WCPL                                    Sept. 13    12-5pm         LCB

      Spring          April 5     8am-1pm    DLC                                     Nov. 9      8am-1pm       Wab
                      April 12    12pm-5pm  MERIT                                    Nov. 16     12-5pm         ATC
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