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                        Maintenance Courses

       INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE                                 Introduction to FANUC

       TECHNICIAN (IMT)                                       Robot Programming

       Certifying Entity: NIMS (National Institute for
       Metalworking Skills)                                   Program Description:  Upon successful completion of this

       Program  Description:    The  Industrial  Maintenance   course the student will have a respectful, safe understanding
       course  teaches  students  safe  and  sound  maintenance   of the basic robot functions, it's motion capabilities and the
                                                              knowledge to create simple program structure. We will
       practices,  preventive  and  predictive  maintenance,
       troubleshooting  and  analysis  as  well  as  corrective   demonstrate safety in the robotic environment. Cover the
       maintenance practices.                                 components of the robot system. Introduce attendees to the
       IMT’s are multi-skilled individuals.                   tech pendant controller of the FANUC Robot system. How to
       Course topics include: Basic Electricity, Motor Controls,   power up, jog and set up the system. Discuss error and fault
       Hydraulics  and  Pneumatics,  Programmable  Logic  Con-  recovery. We will also include a comprehensive overview of
       trollers, and Industrial Mechanics.                    the programming of the system; motion instructions,
                                                              copying and editing programs, Inputs/Outputs, etc.
       This course prepares the student to sit for the following
       NIMS Certification Exams:  Electrical Systems Specialist
                                                              Hours:  32     Cost:  $959
       Hours:  190   Cost:  $4,420
       Class Schedule:                                        Class Schedule:
       Dates           Day(s)     Time        Location        Dates           Day(s)     Time         Location
       Winter          T, W, TH   4pm-8pm     CLC
                                                              Spring          M, W       4-8pm        ATC
       Spring          M, W       4pm-8pm     LCB
                                                              Summer          M, W       4-8pm        CLC
       Fall            T, TH      4pm-8pm     ATC
                       T, TH      8am-12pm    ATC             Fall            M, W       4-8pm        ATC
                       T, TH      4pm-8pm     CLC
                       T, TH      8am-12pm    CLC

         Individual Course Length:                            Winter          M, W       4-8pm        CLC
         Basic Electricity        Electrical Motor Controls
       36 hours        $979       48           $1229
       Hydraulics & Pneumatics    PLC’s
       48 hours        $719       36 Hours     $992
                        Industrial Mechanics
                       28 Hours        $750

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