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                      MISSION STATEMENT: “To enhance the quality of life for those who are willing to enrich their education.”

       Healthcare Certifications & Licenses

       CERTIFIED CLINICAL                                        CERTIFIED CLINICAL

       MEDICAL ASSISTANT (CCMA)                                  MEDICAL ASSISTANT (CCMA)

       Certifying Entity: NHA (National Healthcareer
                                                                 Class Schedule:

        Program Description:  This program is designed to prepare
       students to function as professionals in multiple healthcare            Day(s)         Time          Location
       settings.  Medical assistants with a clinical background per-  Winter     T,W,TH       4PM-8PM       HCC
       form various clinical tasks including assisting with the ad-            M, T, W        5pm-9pm       IMPACT7
       ministration of medications and with minor procedures,                  M, T, W        8am-12pm      CLC
       performing an EKG electrocardiogram, obtaining laboratory                                M,T,TH    8am-12pm         Work One
       specimens for testing, patient education and other related                      M,T,W     5pm-9pm    Trine C
       tasks.  Job opportunities are prevalent with physician’s                M,T,W          5pm-9pm       Trine D
       offices, clinics, chiropractic offices, hospitals and outpatient
       facilities. Training for CPR and First Aid certification  are
       provided in this class.
       Prepares students to take the National Healthcareer Associ-  Spring     M, T, W        5pm-9pm       IMPACT7
       ation (NHA) Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Exam.                  M, T, W        8am-12pm      CLC
                                                                                              M,T,TH    8am-12pm         Work One
                                                                                       M,T,W     5pm-9pm    Trine C
       Hours:  140   Cost: $3,762                                              M,T,W          5pm-9pm       Trine D

                                                                 Fall          M, T, W        5pm-9pm       IMPACT7
                                                                               M, T, W        8am-12pm      CLC
                                                                                              M,T,TH    8am-12pm         Work One
                                                                               T,W,TH         4pm—8pm       HCC
                                                                                       M,T,W     5pm-9pm    Trine C
                                                                               M,T,W          5pm-9pm       Trine D

       Please visit to see all confirmed class dates and times for each upcoming season
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