What is Freedom Academy?

We are a not-for-profit organization established for adults who wish to upgrade their employment skills or learn a hobby or craft.  Year round classes are offered for the public, and on-site training is available for those businesses and industries that provide training for their employees.


How do you deliver education and training?

Our Public classes are held either at the local northeast Indiana public schools in Steuben, DeKalb, Noble, LaGrange, Whitley and Kosciusko counties, usually in the evening hours during the week, or in northeast Indiana public libraries and other community classrooms.  Most students really appreciate the convenience.  On Site training is held for Business and Industry in their training rooms or at a location of their choice.


What programs are offered?

We offer many program areas including Personal Computers, Technology, Management/Supervision, Safety, Quality, Real Estate, Leadership, Business, Human Resource Management and more. We also offer community interest classes, seminars and course overviews.  Please check our Course Catalog page for a full listing.  We encourage your suggestions for other classes of skill or interest.


I have seen your course offering, but what if my company needs training that is specific to our organization?

As part of our programs and services, we provide tailored and/or custom-designed training for business and industry to meet your specialized requirements.


I haven’t been in a classroom since I left high school.  What can I expect from one of your classes?

You will be very comfortable taking a Freedom Academy class.  Most students are just like you!  Our instructors are just the best.  They are working people who have mastered a skill or a trade and want the opportunity to share their expertise with others.  Students consistently give Freedom Academy instructors and classes superior ratings.  You’ll have fun in a non-threatening environment while learning something new.